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If you want to help the site (donations), and get help in setting up mining

For faster development and faster writing of interesting articles, the site needs help (donations).

We will be grateful, our addresses are:

BTC (Bitcoin): 1WUiu2ZHKcmX54qmJdvhFERoMDg4KAutN

ETH (Etherium): 0xa5d7d2df351ecade0ea7f5886cfffa8d5eec3f79 (minimum 0.01)

LTC (Litecoin): Lh6WYQWKv9YpAC8TMMkYmUAxstJDXyx4vA

Dodge: DMdxqwRwjrh14Hwbg5s1WUysnuHeBFxGf1

WMR: R307130330387

WMZ: Z154237901025

Yandex money: 41001756787251


Also, those who need help in mining settings:

If you notice, I leave my Skype “flexeon” and help a lot (I used to set it up even through tim), but now there are a lot of you (about 50 people a day are added), and I don’t have time to help you, just like before for flattery through tim sup, because there are many people. Now I can help current by giving advice, and explain. But if you have made an adequate donation to the site, write on skype from which address and amount, you will have the advantage of answering questions out of turn, and it is also possible to configure via tim vir (remotely).

Thank you all for your attention.


Telegram – https://t.me/mininng_help


There is a chat where you can chat and ask questions:

Telegram chat (group) – Everything is the same as in skype, only faster and for some convenient and non-populous messenger.