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8% ETH Growth Overnight! Hardfork London Is a Go!
Many Miners Consider Moving to Paraguay in Wake of Recent Bans
Iran Plans to Prohibit Crypto Mining as Power Shortages Menace Energy Hunger
The Growth of Global Hash Rates in the BTC Network Is Apparent

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2 August at 12:22
Bitcoin gold-BUG, mining and how to get a fork and wallet

In this news, we will explain a little about the sensational BTG, how to mine it, dupnut and take a wallet

23 October at 17:38
Hashflare changing conditions, news payback and profitability

Many people have heard the bad news of Hashflare, but it's not so Bad

5 September at 20:37
Bitcoin Fork on October 25, 2017, Split with Bitcoin gold

On October 25, 2017, another fork of Bitcoin will occur.

10 October at 9:40

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